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Steve Barker


E-mail me at "steve" at this website address (

Dog Bite Incident Reports

To report an incident where a dog or dogs caused injury to a person or another animal or to report an incident where a person was forced to take evasive action to avoid injury to themselves, someone else, or an animal, please visit

Breed Harassment Reports

To report an incident where an unoffending, law-abiding dog owner has been subjected to verbal or physical harassment or threats, particularly if the harassment is related to the breed of the dog (whether accurate or not), please visit

DLCC / Banned Aid Donation Information

To donate to the Ontario legal challenge, please make your cheque payable to Ruby and Shiller and mail it to:


Ruby & Shiller
11 Prince Arthur Ave.
Toronto, Ont.
M5R 1B2


IMPORTANT: Please indicate on the envelope and on the cheque memo line that the money is for the BANNED AID LEGAL FUND.


If you would prefer to donate online using PayPal, simply go to the DLCC Donation Page at


Updated January 26, 2009


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